Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baby Shower List of Gifts: 15 Practical Baby Gift Ideas

Are you invited to a baby shower but have no clue what to take as a gift? If the mother does not have a baby shower registry, or you aren't able to use it, here are some practical ideas:


Baby Blankets- these come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and thicknesses depending on whether its a boy or girl and what climate they live in.  

Baby Care Kit- Contains the basic items needed for baby care- a medicine spoon with cap, medicine dropper with cap, hospital-style nasal aspirator, digital thermometer with case and nail clippers.

Bath time essentials-  you could buy a ready made gift set or you could make your own- buy some baby shampoo, lotion, washcloths etc.and arrange them in a basket or other container. Cover with some tulle or shrink wrap and tie with a ribbon and you're good to go.


Diaper bag-there are many colors and designs and price ranges to choose from.

Daily Care Essentials for mommy and baby- Another gift basket idea with a slightly different twist. This set includes moisture cream, diaper rash cream,  lotion, Wash and Shampoo and a reusable basket.

Bodysuits or Onesies- these one piece shirts are very convenient and versatile.They can be worn as t-shirts, undergarments or as outfits (especially in hot weather).

Bibs- these can be plain or have a cute saying or picture on them- I'm not sure you can ever have too many-especially when baby is just learning to hold a spoon while eating.

Picture frames- how about a first year collage picture frame. This would make a great keepsake. 

Baby toys- there are lots of colorful, fun products on the market that will help entertain as well as educate and stimulate the baby's senses.


Baby socks- very useful in keeping baby's feet warm and comfortable

Diapers- this is another practical gift that I consider a necessary luxury (when I was growing up in a family of 8 children- we only used cloth diapers.)

Portable changing pad-these are very handy to take on trips or family outings. They protect the baby from dirty surfaces and can be put on the sofa, floor, seat of the car or even on the grass.  

Baby Food Grinder-this is a device so the parents can make their own baby food. I used mine almost every day. It's not as convenient as opening a jar of baby food but it's a great way to save money.

Baby Bouncer Seat -this was one of my favorite baby gifts.   I'd put the bouncy seat on the floor or table close to where I was working and my babies would be content for hours, often falling asleep in the seat.


Gift card from a store that sells baby items- this allows the parents to buy whatever they need or want. Very handy for the times they need extra diapers or formula that wasn't figured in the budget.


Baby Wipes-these can be used not only when changing diapers but also to wash face and hands. I always kept a box of them in each of our vehicles for quick clean-ups.

Looking for personalized baby gifts for boys?

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