Thursday, February 28, 2013

7 Ideas of What to Get Mom for Mother's Day

You want to get your mother the perfect gift for mother's day. You have probably spent enough time with her to know some of her likes and dislikes. Here are some suggestions to think about.

1. Coupons- do you have more time than money? Is there a service that you are willing to provide for her? How about a book of coupons that she can redeem to have you take her shopping or clean her house (or car) or weed her flower gardens.

2. Flowers or houseplants- this is a sure way to brighten her day.  If you have flowers growing in your yard or garden, pick them and put them in a nice vase with a beautiful bow tied around it.

3. Candy or chocolate- does she have a favorite candy?  If she enjoys chocolate- how about giving her a gourmet chocolate gift basket.  If money is tight, you could even buy a basket, some chocolates and other items to make it yourself.

4.  Girl's day out- if she likes that kind of thing, take her out for a nice lunch or to a tea room for some tea or coffee and cookies. Afterwards you could go to a movie theater and catch a movie you know she would enjoy.  Make it memorable for her.

5. Shopping- does she enjoy shopping? How about a gift certificate to her favorite store and if she needs (or would enjoy) a ride, make plans to take her.

6. Photos- many mothers enjoy pictures of their children and grandchildren. How about a photo greeting card.  These usually cost around $3.  You could also get a family photo taken and enlarged and put it in a nice picture frame. 

7. A pastime gift-what is her favorite pastime or hobby?  Does she like to scrapbook- how about filling a cute basket with all types of scrap booking supplies.  Does she enjoy working outdoors or in the garden? Buy a planter and fill it with gardener's gloves and things she can use in the garden.

8. Plan a family dinner or reunion- does she enjoy being around her family? How about arranging a time for everyone to get together and bring a dish. Do everyone a favor and keep it simple. Use paper plates and cups so it will be easy to clean up afterwards.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Funny Father's Day Cards: Father's Day Cards to Buy

In searching for humorous father's day cards, I was surprised and disappointed in how many were disrespectful to fathers. I personally think we need to honor our parents so I tried to stay away from cards that are not respectful towards dads.

Here is a funny one:

Here is a lighthearted way to let dad know you appreciate his discipline


Is your dad a golfer? This might work.

Is your dad a fisherman? 

And here are a few more:

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Friday, February 8, 2013

What Are Good Gifts For Valentine's Day: Buying Gifts For Her

Every woman has her own idea about what the perfect gift is. You can find out a lot by simply being observant when you are with her. Does she enjoy eating chocolate? If so, a box of Chocolates may be just the right gift.

*Or maybe a giant chocolate kiss from Hershey's

 *Does she enjoy flowers? How about a Bouquet of Roses

 * Or maybe a beautiful gold trimmed rose that will last forever.

*Does she enjoy being pampered? How about a beautiful spa gift basket?

  *Does she like wearing pajamas to bed?