Wednesday, November 5, 2014

40+ Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Deciding what to get your boyfriend for Christmas or birthday etc. will depend on your financial situation, how serious your relationship is and his personality. Is he practical or sentimental? What does he do in his spare time? Here are some gift ideas to help you with the brainstorming process.

A gift card to his favorite store
Electronics such as a new cell phone, laptop, camera, camcorder

A personalized case for his phone 

DVD or Blu-ray of his favorite type of movie

A video game and/or accessories if he's into that sort of thing

Vouchers for a years worth of car washes

Voucher to get inside of his vehicle cleaned

New mats for his vehicle

Coupons for his favorite meals or desserts, prepared by you

Movie tickets to the theater

Hunting, fishing or camping accessories and gear if he enjoys any of these activities

Books, if he enjoys reading

Magazine subscription that caters to his interests

New shirt or personalized t-shirt

Shoes or slippers

A pair of quality sunglasses

A watch (Whether you get a practical timepiece with a lot of gadgets or one that mostly just tells time but looks good depend on his personality and daily activities)

MP3 player

A gift card or subscription to an online music store (if he enjoys listening to music)

Messenger bag, briefcase or duffel bag

Personalized coffee mug (if he drinks coffee or tea)

A good belt

A multi-tool

Tie clip, bar or pin or cufflinks if he frequently wears a suit

Gift basket with his favorite condiments or food items

Hat or cap or a good pair of gloves

Custom engraved photo jewelry

Sports jewelry if he enjoys watching or playing sports

Tools- if he enjoys working on cars, making things from wood etc.

Toolbox for his tools

Personalized mouse-pad if he uses a computer

A good headset if he's into gaming or music etc.

Sports items and novelty merchandise and memorabilia if he's interested in sports 

A new wallet- consider putting a gift card to his favorite store or restaurant or a photo of yourself in the wallet

A good photo or painting of yourself

His favorite cologne or aftershave

A personalized key chain

Tickets to a concert, race or sporting event

Pajamas, robe, or towel wrap

Personalized towels

New bike

Walkie talkies- great for the guy who spends a lot of time outdoors

Manicure, grooming or shaving kit

Picture or piece of art (that you know he'd like) to hang on a wall

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