Sunday, November 9, 2014

51 Gift Ideas For Men: What Do I Get My Husband for His Birthday (Or Christmas)

Gift Ideas For Husband
Deciding what to get your husband for his birthday (or Christmas etc.) will depend on your financial situation and your husband's personality. Is he practical or sentimental? How does he prefer to spend his time- watching movies at home or being up in the mountains hunting for elk? Here are some gift ideas to help you with the brainstorming process.

A Gift Card to a store he likes

Elecronic Gadgets and devices such as a new cell phone, computer or laptop, television set, camera, camcorder or MP3 player

A movie DVD in the genre he prefers

Coupons for a years worth of car washes

Voucher to get inside of his vehicle cleaned

New mats for his car

Coupons for his favorite meals or desserts, prepared by you

Tickets to the cinema

Hunting, fishing or camping accessories and gear if he enjoys any of these activities

Coupons for back, scalp or foot massage (given by you)

Books or a subscription to a magazine geared toward his interests

New shirt or personalized t-shirt

Shoes or comfy footwear for around the house

A pair of high quality sunglasses

A watch- whether you get a practical timepiece or a fancy one that looks good will depend on his preferences

Box of his favorite chocolates or other candy

A music CD or gift card or subscription to an online music store (if he enjoys listening to music)

New luggage if he travels frequently

A briefcase, messenger bag, or duffel bag

Personalized coffee mug (if he drinks coffee or other hot beverages)

A new BBQ grill or other grilling accessories

A good belt

A multi-tool- these come in a wide variety of components and prices. The key is in knowing for what your husband would most likely be using it.

Turntable or turntable with CD Recorder if he has a lot of records he'd like to put on a CD

Tie clip, bar or pin or cufflinks if he dresses up a lot

Gift basket with his favorite condiments or food items

Hat or cap or a good pair of gloves if he spends a fair amount of time outside in the winter.

Tools- if he enjoys working on cars, making things from wood etc.

Toolbox for his tools

Massager for neck and shoulders or back. If he is on his feet a lot, he might appreciate a foot and calf massager.

Remote control for TV or stereo etc.

Outlet or switch remote control

Remote control caddy (if the remotes tend to disappear a lot)

Personalized mouse-pad if he frequently uses a computer

Socks that never wear out

A new wallet, insert a photo of yourself, a gift card or maybe a crisp new $100 bill!

A tasteful glamor shot of yourself

Aftershave or cologne in his favorite scent

A getaway for the two of you (how about a quaint bed and breakfast in another town).

A new recliner or comfortable desk chair

A personalized key chain

A new golf club or other golfing accessories if that's something he enjoys

New gardening or yard tools if he enjoys working outside

Tickets to a performance, racing competition or other sporting event

Pajamas, robe, or towel wrap

GPS for his car- very helpful if he often drives to unfamiliar places

Remote car starter- especially good when it's cold outside

New bicycle

Walkie talkies- great for the man who spends a lot of time outdoors

Manicure, grooming or shaving kit

Stick n find sticker set- especially helpful if he often tends to misplace items

Picture or piece of art (that you know he'd like) to hang on the wall

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