Sunday, March 31, 2013

Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas For Mom

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What are some homemade birthday gift ideas for mom if you are on a budget or have more time than money? How about:   

1. A homemade card.  A card you've made will probably mean more to her than a store bought card. You can personalize it especially for her and decorate it with papers, ribbons and other items found around your home.
2. Her favorite dessert. What does she enjoy eating? Cherry pie, chocolate chip cookies, angel food cake with strawberries on top? Find a good recipe and make sure you have the right ingredients before you start this project.

3. Framed photo or art. Do you have a nice picture of the family or an art design you've created. How about putting it in a nice frame and giving it to her.

4. Coupons for chores. Create and print off a sheet of coupons for various chores you'll do for her. Things like weeding her flower garden, cleaning her car or the kitchen cupboards.

5. Gift basket. Fill a basket or other container with items such as - her favorite scented candle, hand lotion, candy, slippers for around the house.

6. Plan and cook a meal that includes all her favorite foods.  After the meal, insist that she stay out of the kitchen while you clean up.

7. Write a poem for her. It doesn't have to rhyme. Just be real and write those things that you appreciate or admire about her. You can read it to her at the breakfast table or print it out on a computer and put it in a nice photo frame before giving it to her.

8. Clean her house. While she's out, surprise her by cleaning the house from top to bottom. Make a list of all the chores you did and put a check mark beside them. Put the list in a  birthday card and write something like "Mom, for your birthday- I cleaned the house so you could have some free time. Enjoy!" 

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