Friday, March 22, 2013

How to Get Ideas of Gifts to Buy For Your Boss

While it may not be possible to always get the perfect gift for your boss, you can aim for that lofty goal by simply being observant when you are around her (or him).

What does she (or he) like to drink? If she enjoys tea, you might get her a gourmet tea basket.  Does she have scented candles setting around? How about buying her a good quality scented candle?  If you've ever gone out to eat with her, what did she order? Steak? Maybe a gift certificate to a nice steakhouse would be good.

What type of decor is her office decorated in? Modern, you say. How about a motivational, contemporary art print or desk accessory. Does she have a lot of framed art or photos in her office? Take note of the style and colors she prefers and shop around for a quality, stylish frame. 

Listen to her when she talks.   Did she mention that she loves eating at "so and so" restaurant or that she simply had to stop at the mall last night to buy her favorite fudge, or that she enjoys watching old comedies.  

While these observations may not give you any definitive answers, they can help clue you in as to what your boss likes.

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