Friday, April 5, 2013

8 Ideas of What to Get Dad for Father's Day

In thinking about ideas of what to get dad for Father's Day, I jotted down some gift ideas of things that I've seen given to my father, husband, and other men in my life.
  • Arrange a fishing trip or golf outing-my dad is an avid fisherman, so my husband made all the arrangements to take him out fishing for a day. 
  • Take him and his wife out to eat. Pick a restaurant you know has foods that he likes.   
  •  If your dad is a social person and enjoys being around other people, arrange for family and friends to get together for a cookout in lieu of Fathers day. Make sure at least some of his favorite foods are served.
  • Fill a gift basket for him with with items he likes. Some things I've seen given- specialty  tobacco for his pipe, his favorite coffee creamer, his favorite cookies and candies, a hunting magazine and a huge bottle of his favorite hot sauce.
  • A book or magazine subscription of a topic he enjoys learning about. This will only work if your dad enjoys reading-otherwise the book and magazines will just sit around and collect dust.
  • Tickets to a race or ball game (if he likes that sort of thing). You may need to ask him (or your mom) about it ahead of time to make sure he is free and able to go.  
  • Movie DVDs. My husband enjoys watching adventure movies so that's usually one of the things he gets on Father's Day.  
  • His favorite dessert.  Does he enjoy cherry pie with whipped topping, spice cake with cream cheese frosting or peanut butter cookies? You can either make it yourself,or buy it at your local bakery.

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