Wednesday, April 10, 2013

12 Ideas of What to Give as a Wedding Gift

A friend or acquaintance of the family is getting married and you're wondering what to give as a wedding gift. If they have a gift registry, it's best to stick with that- but you can't or choose not to, here are some other ideas.
Cash- this is a versatile, practical gift that can be used as the newly weds see fit.

Gift card to a nice restaurant in the area where they will be living.

 Plush, soft towels and wascloths- if you know the color of their bathroom, choose a coordinating color, otherwise white will be your best bet.

A nice array of picture frames.  The couple will be able to display their photos, artwork or important documents.

A slow cooker. These are very handy- they make it easy to cook a nutritious meal while saving time and energy.

High quality silverware or flatware set. Many homes use one set for everyday use and another set for special occasions (and in my family, a set to use in the camper).

 Blender or hand mixer. I received a hand mixer as a wedding gift over 20 years ago and am still using it.

Gift basket filled with various items that the couple can use. You could either be practical and fill it with things such as cleaning supplies or you could do something fun like filling it with various kinds of treats and sweets. 

A clock. If the couple is just starting out, they will probably need a couple of these for their home.  If you don't know their decor preferences, keep it in a neutral color.

A quality glass drinkware set. Make sure it's dishwasher safe.   

Throw blanket. These are nice to snuggle under while watching a movie or to keep on the foot of the bed when the nights are chilly.

A basic cookbook. (If one of them is a culinary expert, you may want to skip this one.)

Clear stackable storage containers. This is a great way to help keep their favorite foods fresh and organized.

Personalized pillow cases. This is a gift that can be used and treasured for many years.


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