Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Administrative Professionals Day: 10 Gift Ideas

by Lorene Troyer

Administrative Professionals Day (may also be known as Secretaries Day or Administrative Assistants Day) is a day for your to show appreciation to your assistant or secretary for all they do during the year. I started thinking about the many different gifts I've gotten over the past 20 plus years:

1. Flowers and Plants- Many women enjoy and appreciate a fresh bouquet of flowers. I, personally, am too practical to appreciate flowers for their sheer beauty, (but I do enjoy taking pictures of them to use in my designs).

2. Chocolates- some of my most memorable chocolate gifts include a huge box ofWhitman's Chocolate,DeBrand Chocolate Truffles,and a 10 pound block of chocolate. Note: these were good gifts for me because I really enjoyed chocolate:)

3. Gift certificate to a salon-this was a good gift because even if I did not want to get my hair cut there, they also offered massages, manicures, pedicures, facials and even had a small store.

4. A green  topiary plant- I still have that plant-it goes well in any room and looks nice (or at least it would if I took off the layer of dust that's on it). 

5. A meal in a nice restaurant- the invitation was for my husband and me. It made for an enjoyable night out without the children.

6. Paid time off- I was able to have a half day off to do what I wanted and still get paid (guilt-free). 

7. A huge travel mug with a big base so it won't spill (no matter how fast I take the corner)- I drink a lot of tea, so this is very useful when I travel.

8. Gift certificate to a Health-food store- I am into eating healthy foods and taking natural supplements so this was perfect for me.

9. Cash- some people may consider this to be in poor taste but since I'm practical, this was a great gift as I was able to buy whatever I wanted.

10. A scented jar candle- my boss filled the lid portion with beautiful potpourri and put a pretty bow and flowers around the neck of the jar. It was so pretty, I kept it around for many years.  

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Admin professional day gifts go a long way to letting someone know that you appreciate them.